Amazing Yanina

Wow.. jaw dropping haute couture. This is so far the most amazing haute couture I’ve seen this year!
I love the sophistication, elegance and ‘femininity’ with mix of sweetness and sexiness

UAlberta Style on Campus #1

I had a chance to talk to this gorgeous fashionista in campus. She’s the first one to be featured this winter term 2015 on UAlberta Style on Campus.

“Dress for Success”

“I am in my last semester of Sociology. A lot of my friends say I overdress for school and look like a business woman, but I have been at this school for 6 years. The only thing that makes me feel better about my life sentence at the University is dressing up sometimes.”


Galaxy Pants

I went shopping 2 weeks ago. I saw these unusual designs on pants in some stores in mall. Space is really amazing, and beautiful at the same time! What can you say about the galaxy pants? šŸ˜‰